Our Story

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the lush gardens of the Royal Alcázars of Spain, these palaces are among the oldest in Europe still in use today. Treasured as some of the most regal and magnificent villas in all of the Mediterraneans, these palaces embodied the opulent lifestyles of some of the most powerful monarchs of Spain. Through the seasons, the gardens are replenished with a vast assortment of flowers used to grace the palaces halls and verandas. The majestic Rose was the most admired and often used in lavish arrangements as gifts for other ruling families. The bouquets were meant to praise victories in conquests, honour new rulers into power, and most of all celebrate the holy unions for new kings and queens. This sense of giving became the essence of Casa de Flora...

Who we are

From minimal to classic, our production team is hard at work to creating the most timeless designs. We're obsessed with only using premium materials for our Grade A Roses. That combined vision forms the Casa de Flora team.

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